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Hi all,


We need your help.  We are in need of more certified referees to meet the needs of our spring and fall seasons.  Certified referees are paid positions, generally age group + $4.  So an official doing a U12 game would make $16 per game which generally lasts about an hour.  We will be holding some certification classes starting in April for those that are interested. 


Here is some background on why we have this need.  Our League has been a bit of an outlier for quite some time now in not keeping up with the changing needs and enhancements in youth soccer.  One aspect is that we have been using referee systems which do not match the State, National, and International standards.  This isn’t to say that what we were doing was wrong or deceptive by any means.  What was done in the past worked well and became ingrained in our area through the years.  This change to certified 3 referee systems is to improve the quality of game play and give the kids an experience like they see on TV using a Head Referee and 2 Assistant Referees. 


We have developed a partnership with US Soccer to help US make our referee program a success.  What does this mean?  We have an opportunity to seek advice from their vast wealth of knowledge from their experiences across the whole country.  I have to say that I am excited about this opportunity!


To become certified one must get the required State and Federal clearances (about $48), sign up for an upcoming class ($60 for the Grade 9 Recreational Certification), and complete some pre-course studies.  The class will last 8 hours which upon the successful passing of the exam you will receive your certification and badge.  The vast majority of people who attend the class pass the test.  I’m not implying that the test is easy.  The instructors are very good!


Please send an email if you are interested in this opportunity to myself using this email address:  Please put “Referee” in the subject line.


Thank you,

Ben Miller

President, WVYSA

Complaint/Concern Feedback Form

We have added a way to provide any complaints, concerns, or feedback to our Game Commissioner.  You can submit the form anonymously if you choose.  Just enter anonymous in the name field and in the email address field.  Please click the email icon below to get started.

Click here to file a concern or complaint


Please visit our Facebook page to get more information on this awesome opportunity for your child

WVYSA Facebook Page

This is our official Facebook page. You can set this up to receive notifications for updates. This can be a useful tool for field closures and such.

Access team schedule via smartphone app.

08/18/2015, 7:45pm EDT
By Tom Armbruster

Access to schedule via smartphone app.

- Download "sportngin" app from I-Tunes or Google play stores

- Once downloaded and installed app will ask you to create account which is optional and not required.  Next you will see a screen with Team, Follow Teams, and Settings at bottom of screen. 

- Select follow team, you can either search for your team (ie Plains U10B-1), it will state "Wyoming Valley Youth Soccer League under any of our teams or there is a 6 digit code on every team page in top right hand corner and will state "download our mobile app" followed by team id #, enter this id number in app.

- Once done the team will be added under teams button at bottom of app.  You may follow as many teams as you want.

Access to print out team schedule

08/18/2015, 7:30pm EDT
By Tom Armbruster

Instructions for accessing schedule to print out

- Navigate to club name under club heading at top of page and select Team Name (ex. xxx U10B-1).

- On team page select "Game Schedule" under team name and flag at top left hand corner of page.

- Select printable version at bottom of schedule page and then print page to your own printer.

Welcome to the New Home of WVYSA!

01/29/2015, 11:15am EST