Wyoming Valley Youth Soccer Association

Small Side U7 and U8 Rules

**Updated 2/8/19**

U7 and U8 Small Sided Game

Ball Size: 3


4 v 4 (NO Goalkeeper). Max Roster Size 10. Minimum of 3 players to start the game.

Substitutions may occur on any stoppage.

Length of the Game:

Four 10 Minute quarters. Up to a 5-minute break in between quarters if needed

The Field: (See Diagram below)

Field Size (in yards): 25 - 35 x 15 - 25

Maximum Goal Size (in feet): 4 by 6


Start of the Game, Corner Kicks and Free Kicks: All opposing players must remain 10 feet away from the ball when a kick is taken. All kicks are indirect.

No Penalty Kicks

Offsides: Offsides will not be enforced.

Fouls: Every foul will result in an indirect free kick, except for direct kick fouls within the penalty area which will result in a penalty kick.

Throw-ins: If a player incorrectly performs a throw-in on the first throw, he/she should be instructed by the coach and /or referee as to the proper manner of throwing the ball in and be given a second chance to complete the throw-in. After the second try the ball will be given to the other team.

Heading is not permitted at this age group. Please read Laws of the Game, section XII, point 6 for specifics

Slide tackling is not permitted at any age. Please read Laws of the Game, section XII, point 7 for specifics

Remember games are to be used as a teaching experience.

U7 and U8 Small Sided Games.pdf