Wyoming Valley Youth Soccer Association


**Updated 2/8/19**

Ball Size: 4


9 v 9 (including a GK). Max Roster size is 20. Minimum of 7 players to start the game.

Substitutions may occur at any stoppage (Corner kicks, goal kicks, direct kicks, indirect kicks and after a goal is scored. It does not have to be your possession for a substitution to occur. Substitutions must be made at half way line. The referee must be notified before any substitution can occur. If an injured player(s) is (are) attended to on the field the injured player(s) must leave the field. A substitute may enter for the injured player(s) and the opponents may substitute an equal number of players. The injured player(s) may return to the field on a throw in by their team, during a goal kick by either team, or after a goal is scored by either team. The referee must be notified before the injured player(s) may return. Any player exhibiting symptoms of a concussion shall not return to the field until cleared by an appropriate health care professional. It is the coach/club's responsibility to determine a player's fitness to return.

Length of the Game:

Two 30- minute halves. Halftime is 5 minutes

The Field: (See Diagram below)

Field Size (in yards): 70 - 80 x 45 - 55

Maximum Goal Size (in feet): Height 7 by 21


FIFA rules will govern each game.

Heading is not permitted.

Slide tackling is not permitted at any age. Please read Laws of the Game, section XII, point 7 for specifics

Start of the Game, Corner Kicks and Free Kicks (Direct and Indirect): All opposing players must remain 10 yards away from the ball when a kick is taken.

U11 and U12 Small Sided Games.pdf